With burgeoning court queues and rising legal costs, many attorneys and courts are recommending that parties to a dispute pursue Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)—mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law—instead of traditional litigation. 

At WDC & Associates, we approach all cases in a fair and neutral manner, and our experienced ADR experts can facilitate a dispute resolution process that enables you to manage litigation costs and speed resolution in an efficient and effective manner.  

At WDC our trained arbitrators have arbitrated numerous commercial disputes ranging in size from disagreements involving thousands of dollars, to disagreements involving hundreds of millions of dollars.

Working with attorneys and their clients we can:

  • Assist With Mediation Services For A Wide Range Of Commercial Cases
  • Serve As Sole Arbitrator Or As A Member Of An Arbitration Tribunal
  • Act As An Expert Witness For Cases Being Arbitrated
  • Furnish Financial Expertise For Cases


At WDC & Associates, we believe that experience results from applying lessons learned to new solutions.