Audits, Reviews & Compilations

Financial statements are perhaps the best way to evaluate a business's performance and determine its debt paying ability. In general, there are two types of financial statements - audited and un-audited.

Fraud Prevention and Detection

At WDC & Associates our goal with each of our clients begins with fraud prevention. It has been proven over many years that if an OPPORTUNITY for fraud exists, if that employee has a financial NEED and if they can RATIONALIZE the fraud to themselves, fraudulent activity will likely occur. That's known as the fraud triangle. 

Internal Audit

Companies today face the pressure of doing more with fewer resources. Every business function, including internal audit, is expected to bring value to the organization.

Non Profits

WDC & Associates, LLP leverages our experience and industry expertise to maximize value and minimize risk during acquisitions, litigation, arbitration, corporate reorganization and other major business transactions and transitions.  

Systems Processing and Control

Control procedures consist of entity-level and activity-level controls. For smaller entities, public or non-public, the design of control procedures should focus primarily on the entity-level (top-down) since the activity-level controls may be ineffective due to a lack of segregation of duties.

At WDC & Associates, we believe that experience results from applying lessons learned to new solutions.