Accounting Department Restructuring

At WDC & Associates we respond quickly...reconstructing records, improving controls and processes, and working through and around broken technology.

Business Planning

The main ingredient to a successful business before it even commences is a thorough and carefully thought out business plan.  WDC & Associates, LLP has extensive experience in assisting business owners with creating a strong business plan and implementing the plan to meet their goals each year.

Compensation Planning

Compensation is what you pay someone to entice them to continue to do work for your company and is a critical facet of any owner/officer/manager's job.

Entity Structure and Reorganization

WDC & Associates provide tax structuring services to assist you in determining a tax efficient structure in which to operate your business.

Financial Planning

Perhaps you are launching a start-up and need to determine funding requirements and include financial projections in your business plan.

Investment Review

At WDC & Associates, LLP we provide independent portfolio reviews and investment analysis on your mutual fund and ETF’s to help you sleep at night and gain the peace of mind you need to be a successful investor.

Joint Venture Structuring

Joint ventures are set up for many reasons: to carry out a specific project or simply to assist with the growth and continuation of a business.

Management Advisory Services

WDC & Associates, LLP leverages our experience and industry expertise to maximize value and minimize risk during acquisitions, litigation, arbitration, corporate reorganization and other major business transactions and transitions.  

Multi State and Jurisdictional Planning

Not only do all states have their own unique tax laws, but state departments of revenue are more focused on enforcement.  WDC & Associates, LLP multistate tax professionals can help.

Organizational and Departmental Structuring

Given that WDC & Associates, LLP has a team of professionals with decades of experience working directly in the private sector, allows our firm to have great success in addressing your challenges your business can incur.

Real Estate Advisory

In today's fast-changing world, the myriad challenges facing the real estate industry grow more and more complex.

Tax Deferred Exchange Planning and Structuring

At WDC & Associates, LLP, we offer our clients the benefit of expertise and experience in structuring and executing tax deferred exchange transactions under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.


WDC & Associates have Partners and Associates that have specialized in assisting clients with determining the value of their businesses, ownership interests and intangible assets for a variety of different scenarios.

At WDC & Associates, we believe that experience results from applying lessons learned to new solutions.