Charitable Gift Planning

Charitable gift planning allows our clients to support the organizations and causes that matter to them, while providing immediate income streams and generating valuable tax benefits.  Numerous charitable giving strategies exist. Two significant gift options are the "Deferred giving" option and "Appreciated value donation" option.

Compensation Planning

Compensation is what you pay someone to entice them to continue to do work for your company and is a critical facet of any owner/officer/manager's job.

Employee Benefit Plans

Once you have great employees on board, how do you keep them from jumping ship? One way is by offering a good benefits package.

Entity Structure and Reorganization

WDC & Associates provide tax structuring services to assist you in determining a tax efficient structure in which to operate your business.

Elder Planning

Today, older Americans face financial challenges that previous generations could not even imagine. WDC & Associates have professionals that have extensive knowledge of Elder Planning. 

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation & Planning

Working in conjunction with a client's attorney and financial advisory team, we consider the goals and plans the client has for the disposition of assets during life and beyond, the effect these dispositions have on the gross estate and the various tax implications these dispositions will have upon their estate plan.

IRS Representation

If you are called in before the IRS, you need to have representation by a knowledgeable and respected professional who understands the dynamics and intricacies of the IRS.

Multi State and Jurisdictional Planning

Not only do all states have their own unique tax laws, but state departments of revenue are more focused on enforcement.  WDC & Associates, LLP multistate tax professionals can help.

Non Profits

WDC & Associates, LLP leverages our experience and industry expertise to maximize value and minimize risk during acquisitions, litigation, arbitration, corporate reorganization and other major business transactions and transitions.  

Post Death Planning

After you die, your loved ones must make several important decisions, most of which have specific time frames and limitations. It is important that upon death, the named Executor under your will, or if there is no will, the person in charge, consults an attorney and an accountant to proceed with the proper settlement of the estate.


WDC & Associates can help your business restructure and rebound.  When we help companies overcome operational or financial challenges, they can grow, create jobs and drive economic opportunity.

Retirement Planning

Designing a retirement plan to help make your dreams a reality starts with creating a unique retirement plan tailored to your personal goals and objectives. One of the ways WDC & Associates strive to help our clients become debt free is by working with them to create a Retirement Blueprint, which is unique to their situation. 

Sales Tax Service

Because of their complexity and interaction, state and local taxes are a key consideration in business operations, and can often drive the decision-making process. 

Social Security Planning

A major decision in retirement planning is identifying when to begin withdrawing Social Security retirement benefits.

Tax Deferred Exchange Planning and Structuring

At WDC & Associates, LLP, we offer our clients the benefit of expertise and experience in structuring and executing tax deferred exchange transactions under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Tax Matter Representation

If you are called in before the IRS, you need to have representation by a knowledgeable and respected professional who understands the dynamics and intricacies of the IRS.

Tax Planning & Preparation

WDC & Associates team of professional tax advisors work strategically with business owners and individuals to minimize taxes and optimize cash flow by taking advantage of federal, state, and local tax deductions and credits.  


WDC & Associates have Partners and Associates that have specialized in assisting clients with determining the value of their businesses, ownership interests and intangible assets for a variety of different scenarios.

At WDC & Associates, we believe that experience results from applying lessons learned to new solutions.