WDC & Associates is comprised of  entrepreneurial-minded accountants involved and engaged in the central role of guiding clients through their various growth and maturation stages.

Our focus is centered on advising business in all accounting, tax, financial and administrative areas.  We are unique in the way we mix accounting, finance, tax and law into creative solutions for our clients.  We encourage the uniqueness by nurturing a culture that stimulates experimentation and innovation in the development of techniques, methods and approaches to better achieve the goals of our clients.

Our approach is embedded in a belief that a company’s accounting department is the central structure or framework that integrates all aspects of a business including production, sales, administration and management.

Simply stated, our primary goal and obligation is to build strong accounting departments so a company can function more effectively and efficiently.  The role of a CPA as a business advisor is never finished as change and evolution are constants in business.

At WDC & Associates we are happy to provide an initial FREE consultation to any business who questions whether or not they are realizing all of the benefits they should be deriving from their accounting systems and/or operational structure.