WDC & Associates approach detailed estate planning by reviewing more than our client’s current asset portfolio. Working in conjunction with a client’s attorney and financial advisory team, we consider the goals and plans the client has for the disposition of assets during life and beyond, the effect these dispositions have on the gross estate and the various tax implications these dispositions will have upon their estate plan.

Our clients are concerned with matters such as control over the family assets; the perpetuation of the family business; the family dynamic and the affect the disposition of assets will have on some family relationships. 

For the charitably inclined, there are concerns about how to incorporate contribution of funds and outright gifts to charities into their overall estate plan. In addition, we help clients plan for their retirement and consider the tax implications that this retirement planning will have on the lifestyle of the client into their golden years. 

Estate planning is therefore an all-inclusive term because we consider more than wealth transference upon death.

At WDC & Associates, we believe that experience results from applying lessons learned to new solutions.