WDC & Associates has a professional team specializing in litigation support services.  Our services specifically address the issues involved in complex marital dissolution cases and business valuations.  

The firm has extensive experience in: 

  • Analyzing the financial, accounting and tax aspects of marital dissolution matters, including business valuations, Pereira apportionment of business interests, and Van Camp analyses
  • Determination of gross cash flow available for support
  • Marital standard of living analyses
  • Tracing engagements for the purposes of determining post-separation reimbursements
  • Family Code §2640 reimbursements
  • Characterization of property as community or separate
  • Other family law issues including allocation of interest in pension plans and apportionment of interests in real property and other special projects.


At WDC & Associates, we believe that experience results from applying lessons learned to new solutions.